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Keep your patient IV lines and tubing untangled with the iLine Series

The iLine Series helps nurse manage the patient's multiple IV lines and tubing
The iLine Series was designed by nurses out of the daily need to organize our patients IV lines and peripheral tubing.  We used everything from silk tape to hold down the lines, to a taped-down tongue depressor to anchor multiple lines.  However, this left tape residue, it didn't allow for easy line access, and the IV lines would not move causing accidental tugging and pulling.  So we created the iLine IV Line Organizers to help nurses and clinical staff manage and organize all their patient's lines.  


Check out how clinicians are using the iLine Series to organize their patient IV lines:

  • Organize lines according to fluids and drips for quick identification and easy access
  • Keep IV lines within nurse's eye view
  • Use for COVID-19 patients where infusion pumps are kept outside the patient room 
  • Keep IV lines from wedging in between the side rails and mattress
  • All lines and tubing will move in unison with the head of bed to avoid pulling
  • Stick anywhere needed to hold IV lines and other patient tubing
iLine Nurse Designed IV Line Organizers $2.50 ea. ($125 a case of 50)
A case of 50 iLines for only  $125/ box.$2.50 each. Are you tired of spaghetti IV lines?  The iLine was designed by nurses to keep multiple patient IV lines organized and off the floor at all times.  Organizing IV lines is important for clinical s...
iLine Select is Designed by ICU Nurses for IV Line and Vent Tubing Organization $3.00 ea. ($150 a case of 50)
The iLine Select is designed for more critically ill patients in the ICU setting and in long-term care.  The iLine Select can hold up to two respirator tubing lines and multiple peripheral  lines. Now you can organize all your patient lines and ke...