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OTEN Medical is a proud member of El Paso's MCA Innovation Center

OTEN Medical– Patient Challenges, Nurse Inspired Solutions

Nurse Innovative Designs

With over 40 years of healthcare experience, we understand the challenges patients, hospitals, and healthcare providers are faced with everyday.  Ernesto Holguin, RN, CNN founded OTEN Medical in 2017, with the mission to develop solutions to the many challenges patients experience everyday.  His 23 years of critical care nursing experience has led to the development of multiple patented products.  Ernesto has been recognized by Johnson & Johnson Nursing as an RN leading innovations and by UPENN Nursing for patenting the first-ever diabetic foot care telehealth system.

OTEN Medical's iLines are being used during the COVID pandemic to manage iv pumps outside of patient rooms to limit nurse exposure and conserve PPE.

Nurse Founded and US Veteran Owned 

The OTEN Medical team has over 44 years of healthcare experience in the ICU, dialysis, telehealth, and wound care settings.  Ernesto Holguin and his founding team focuses on developing products and technology to help improve the way nurses deliver patient care everyday.  OTEN Medical believes in the importance of supporting the US economy by domestically manufacturing and assembling our products. As a US Army Veteran, Ernesto Holguin believes in investing in our country and is proud to be a veteran owned company, Made in the USA.


    Nurse innovative design Made in the USA     
OTEN Medical is  a proud US Veteran Owned Business

Patented Technologies

OTEN Medical offers award winning  patented  technology for both inpatient and at home care products. OTEN Medical patented products include:

  • iLine Series:  I.V. line, tubing, and ventilator tubing organizers for use throughout the hospital and ICU
  • The Original CPAP Hose Holder: An at home CPAP hose and mask holder that cleanly sticks to the bed headboard, designed to help CPAP users keep the hose out of the way.  The patent pending curvature helps the hose glide quietly allowing for free movement. 
  • The Difobod:  Patented technology that connects Diabetics and patients with poor peripheral circulation with their healthcare providers to ensure proper foot care and inspect their feet at home.


OTEN Medical Awards and Recognitions


OTEN Medical awards and recognitions


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