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The DiFoBod

A Diabetic Foot Care Telehealth System

Diabetic Foot Body System

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Dedicated To The Improvement of Diabetic's Quality of Life

What are Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU)?

What's a DFU?


A diabetic foot ulcer is an open sore or wound that occurs in approximately 15% of patients with diabetes. Of those who develop a foot ulcer, 6 percent will be hospitalized due to infection or other ulcer-related complication.

Diabetes a Chronic Condition


Over 30 million Americans have Diabetes and 1 out of 5 will develop a DFU.  The US spends a total of $176 billion on direct costs for diabetes care; as much as one third of this expenditure is lower extremity related.

Diabetic Complications & Challenges


1)  Peripheral Neuropathies- lack sensation in feet

2)  Poor flexibility or pain causing inability to reach between toes to properly dry 

3)  Lack access to healthcare

4)  30-45 day wait time for physical exam

Antiquated Foot Care Education


Doctors ask patients to dry well and  hover their feet over a mirror placed on the floor for inspection.  This is dangerous when combining vision and balance problems diabetics have.  

Ongoing Monitoring


Monitoring after an initial foot ulcer treatment is crucial in the healing process.  Most patients wait 30 or more days without seeing their provider.  Many times providers can't get them in sooner.

Avoid Complications


If left untreated, foot ulcers can progressively lead to bone/tissue infection, systemic infections amputation and death.

DFU Economic Impact & the DFU Market

High Healthcare Cost


DFU patients require more days hospitalized, more days of home health care, more emergency department visits, and more outpatient/physician office visits. *1 

Recurrence Rate


40% of patients have a recurrence within 1 year after ulcer healing, almost 60% within 3 years, and 65% within 5 years.  *2

Global Market


The International Diabetes Federation reports over 425 million adults are living with diabetes.  Every 30 seconds a lower limb is amputated as a consequence of diabetes.  *3

Our Solution: A Diabetic foot care telehealth system


Properly Dry Feet

Properly dries between toes and sides of each foot to maintain clean, dry healthy skin

Self Assessment

Embedded HD camera allows user to closely inspect foot and send images to  their physician

Weight Scale and Vital Signs

Equipped with a weight scale and open API to connect bluetooth devices such as blood glucose meters

Provider Telehealth Reimbursement

Transmit images and vital signs to provider portal for telehealth reimbursement such as chronic care management and remote physiologic monitoring

Mobile Telehealth App

Connect with clinicians and caretakers faster to avoid complications and needless hospitalizations

Difobod Use Case Benefits

Daily Diabetic Foot Care


Dry your feet and self assess soles everyday.

Physician Telehealth Monitoring


Assess ongoing wound care and intervene as necessary. Maximize clinic consultation hours.

Health Plans Contain Costs


- Reduce the risk of infection and amputation

- Improve function and quality of life

- Reduce health care costs

Patented and Award Winning technology


US Patent

Patented device technology 


Competition Winner

- National Winner of The Infosys- Infy Makers Award

- Medical Center of the Americas Proof of Concept Winner

- Houston's Maker Faire Merit Award Winner                  


National Press Featured In:

EL Paso Inc.- Oct. '17
MIT News- Dec. '17
Infosys USA- Mar. '18
Minority Nurse- April '18
MagPi Magazine- Aug. '18
MagPi #1 Project for Good- Oct. '18 

UPENN Case Study- Nov. '18 

Boston Medtech- Dec.'18

JnJ Nurse Innovation Challenge- Finalist '19

USPAACC Innovation- Finalist '19

Learn More from our Founder and CEO

Diabetic Foot Care Telehealth System

  • Learn why drying feet is so important
  • How telehealth can help manage wounds
  • How telehealth can help avoid infections and complications
  • How the Difobod can help reduce costs
  • Learn how we can help people with diabetes live a better life

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Journey

Diabetes in the U.S.


-  More than 100 million U.S. adults are now living with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

-  Diabetic foot ulcers are estimated to occur in up to 25% of patients with diabetes.

-  Ulcer care adds around US $9 to $13 billion to the direct yearly costs associated with diabetes itself.

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DISCLAIMER: Website is for investors only. Product not FDA approved and not currently available.