OTEN Medical's iLine is a sleek and simple way to organize patient IV lines.
A simple solution to IV line management

iLine & iLine Select

With over 40 years of combined bedside nursing, OTEN Medical has developed a simple and easy way to hold and organize patient lines.  The iLine series is perfect for I.V. lines and Respirator tubes by keeping them off the floor to avoid accidental dislodgment.

iLine & iLine Select Videos

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Watch  how hospitals are using in efforts to manage COVID-19 patients

iLine & iLine Select

Easily organize multiple I.V. lines, respirator  tubing, and blood lines

A New Way to Organize Patient Lines


Organize your patient lines

Separate by type of lines and fluids


Without iLines

Lines on the floor, tangled , and caught on bed  frame


Easy on, cleanly off

Sleek designed to fit all I.V. lines, respirator tubes and more