Disclaimer: Difobod currently not available, pre-sale healthcare orders coming soon!

About OTEN Medical

OTEN Medical is a member of the Cardwell Collaborative

OTEN Medical has created a remote diabetic foot care telehealth system that creates a team approach to help care for a loved one with diabetes.  It provides people with Diabetes a way to properly assess and care for their feet on an ongoing basis from the comfort of their home.

Our team is made up of healthcare professionals with over 40 years of combined clinical and medical device experience. 

Our Vision



Our vision is to  help  the way people with Diabetes care for their feet on a daily basis.  For years, diabetics have been taught to dry well between their toes and place a mirror on the floor, hover their foot over it to see their soles, looking for any skin breakdown or irritation.  This is not sustainable, nor a safe practice which leads people not to perform their daily care


Why this was developed?

The DiFoBod was developed by Ernesto Holguin, an RN with 25 years of experience.  As a hemodialysis nurse, Ernesto has cared for Diabetics everyday and witnessed the impact  of DFUs and the common reasons for skin breakdown.   

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The DiFoBod is has not been cleared or approved for sale in the United States

OTEN Medical is not currently seeking individuals to participate in clinical studies. 

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